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Auto Reviews in the Tualatin Area

  • DanielreviewedBeaverton Hyundai

    This has to be one of the worst Hyundai dealerships I've ever been to.... read more This has to be one of the worst Hyundai dealerships I've ever been to. The service people seem more intent on selling overpriced parts rather than service. My wife and I bought a Santa Fe from this dealer and found the dealer to be pretty shady. They attempted to change the price of the car at the last minute, so be very careful when dealing with them. As for the service, after having the car for only 4000 miles, one of the tires went flat. We took the car back to the service center but they spent a day looking for a leak and not able to find it. They refilled the tire and put it back on the car, but by the next morning, it was going flat again. My wife took the car back in and they "found" a shard of stone in the sidewall and proceeded to tell her that they would not cover this kind of damage and she would need to buy a new tire. Now, I would never buy a tire from a dealership, but since I was sleeping (working night shift) they hard sold the tire to my wife, at more than a 20% markup from other stores in the area. Upon confronting them about this, the most they would even consider doing was giving me a couple free oil changes. The service manager showed no interest for my business and in fact, at the end of the conversation thanked me for my money. Obviously, this is all they care about at Hyundai Beaverton. You will not find any service at this place of business, avoid it at all costs.

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