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  • Terrible Customer Service and Product!!! I just got off of the phon... read more Terrible Customer Service and Product!!! I just got off of the phone with my wife, who was in tears! She bought a used vehicle this summer, which just had new tires put on from Les Schwab here in Juneau. Since she bought the car, the front left tire has been very slowly leaking. I advised her to go to Les Schwab to see if the tires are a.) under warranty and b.) if it is a bad inflation stem. When she took the her car in, the guy at the counter said that they could get her car right in. When she inquired about the warranty, things got rude. When he explained that the tires are only warrantied to the purchaser. My wife explained that the tires were purchased to go with the car to help sell it. He then got irritated and short. He basically said "the tires aren't you want me to get your car in or not?!!!" She didn't know how to respond. She told him, "I don't think its a hole, my husband thinks its where you inflate the tire." "Doesn't matter! You want it fixed or not?!" She left. I'm usually not one to complain, but when my wife (who is 6 months pregnant) calls me up balling because she was treated like dirt at a local business is total crap. Is this an isolated case...don't think so. I've heard from others that the customer service is horrible there. I cannot believe that a business like that (a national chain non-the-less) could be so rude. And the fact that they do not stand up to their product? How hard would it have been to take the car in and atleast check to see if it was the stem? To send an expecting mother out in tears is b*&&$#t. I used to recommend Les Schwab because I thought that the had exceptional service, but never again!!!! I'm in need of new tires this winter for my truck. Any recommendations on where to go?

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