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2005 Chevrolet TrailBlazer Repair Questions

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  • jeff
    Visalia, CA
    volt gage
    my volt gage recently went all the way to the right and I am curious what that means
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  • michael
    Oklahoma City, OK
    oil in spark plug
    changed out spark plugs and found oil leaking into 3,4,5 cylinders
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  • Kenneth
    Wellsboro, PA
    large vapor leak
    2 years ago I had my fuel pump replaced. Since then I continue to have engine light indicating large vapor leak. I have had vapor canister replaced and both front and rear selenoids. I have purchased ...
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  • brian
    Granbury, TX
    transmission slipping going into 3rd?
    Hello. I have a 2005 Chevy trailblazer with about 160k on it. When you leave in drive it shifts thru 1st and second ok, but when it shifts out of 2nd it slips and the rpms just go high. It still drive...
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  • Ronda
    Edgerton, WI
    how to fix dashboard gauges??
    none of my gauges work on my dashboard, not the  gas gauge or the  oil gauge  spedometer-none of  them, what wrong?
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  • PAM
    Winston-Salem, NC
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  • Wade
    Corrales, NM
    AC Whistles
    AC system is cooling but makes a distinct whistling noise when the car is started and or turned off. With the hood raised the sound can be isolated to the recovery unit.
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  • cheri
    Columbus, OH
    dashboard gauges
    What could causee my gauges to not work? My speedometer doesnt go back to 0 sometimes,my rpm gauge also does this occasionally. and most recently my battery gauge does not register at all.Just needed ...
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  • harold
    Allegan, MI
    Blower Motor
    It will not change speeds from inside and it will not turn off even with the key turned off.
    Have to pull the fuse under the hood to get it
    to turn off.
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  • wayne
    East Moriches, NY
    replacing bulb behind climate conrol levers
    one bulb out behind climate control levers. how do i get to it?
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