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  • Mark
    Fort Lauderdale, FL
    I have a 2013 Mini Cooper S convertible. I can't get the top to go down the toggle switch in the middle of the toggle Bank at near the roof of the car seems awfully loose and perhaps broken. I brought...
    2013 Mini Convertible | answers (0)
  • Michael
    Gainesville, GA
    Difrential Repair
    Can the differential be repaired on this Mini without replacing the whole transmission?
    Can the differential be repaired without dropping the motor and transmission?
    2005 Mini Cooper | answers (1)
  • Lynette
    Costa Mesa, CA
    I brang my cooper to a mechanic and was told it would cost me 3800.00 for the new transmission. I've given him the money and now he wants 500 more. I don't know what to do. I think he's pulling me alo...
    2003 Mini Cooper | answers (2)
  • mildred
    Brooklyn, NY
    forward driving wont go
    Transmitssion shifting on drive no work also can't turn on the car. Plymouth. Voyager. 1995
    1995 Mini MK VI | answers (2)
  • Drew
    Bovey, MN
    Diesel fuel in engine
    My daughter inadvertently put diesel fuel in the tank (she said it was just a bit less than half full when she did it). She drove it 4-5 miles before shutting it down and calling me. It was towed into...
    2008 Mini Cooper Clubman | answers (1)
  • Mike
    Athens, AL
    Tire angle
    My rear tires are angled out at the bottom, especially the right one.  It is causing my tires to wear very bad on the inside.  A local tire place recommended an after market item that would pull them ...
    2012 Mini Cooper Countryman | answers (6)
  • allen
    Naples, FL
    2008 Mini Cooper | answers (1)