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Auto Reviews in the Tampa Area

  • Scam alert! Rennen Imports will scam you! Avoid using this “repair sho... read more Scam alert! Rennen Imports will scam you! Avoid using this “repair shop.” The idiot with the annoying British accent knows nothing about Porsche or German motors. Read the previous reviews, the negative reviews are very accurate. This scammer “repair shop” tried to tell me that my Porsche was dead, and their only option was a new motor starting at around $22,000. After paying to have my car towed here and back home, then paying for their fraudulent diagnosis, I had to pay yet again to have it towed to a REAL repair shop where they were able to determine that it was a $900 part and after labor, everything was going to cost $10,500. A big difference from $22,000. Then when given a chance to make things right, the idiot tells me he was never going to repair the engine, he would have just bought a new engine to put in, even though that contradicts what he had previously said when he told me it was going to cost $22,000 to “repair,” not replace the engine. Even when given the chance to make things right, this place tried to argue and blame me. The idiot then told me it was my fault that I bought a worthless car and there was nothing he could do. Obviously, I should have read all the previous reviews for this place, as the previous reviews are loaded with customers experiencing the EXACT same garbage service. Read the reviews, look at the other people who were “quoted” insanely high prices and all went elsewhere and paid LESS THAN HALF what Rennen quoted. Previous reviews: Rennen quoted $4,000 – Customer got the repair done for $569 Rennen quoted $800 – Customer got the repair done for $500 Rennen quoted $669 – Customer got the repair done for $239 And that’s just the ones who took the time to write a review for this scammer shop. This doesn’t even include all the negative reviews that all have the same theme: brought my car to Rennen Imports, got the car back and this was broken, that was broken, and Rennen Imports takes ZERO responsibility for breaking anything. In closing, you have a scammer “repair shop,” up-charging customers for repairs by hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars, and if that wasn’t bad enough, they’d break stuff on your car and claim they had nothing to do with it. If you like your car, enjoy not being scammed, and don’t want to spend 10 times what repairs should cost; I would HIGHLY suggest going literally ANYWHERE else. You would be 100 times better off trying to repair your car yourself with zero experience or knowledge of cars, since this would still be a more experienced and knowledge than any person working on your vehicle at Rennen Imports.

  • Excellent and honest facility and staff.

  • Great team...Great work!

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