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Auto Reviews in the Baltimore Area

  • MichaelreviewedEuro-Tech

    Amazing service! After breaking down while passing through Baltimore, ... read more Amazing service! After breaking down while passing through Baltimore, Michael and his team took great care of my BMW 325i and had me back on the road in a few hours. Honest and friendly, they delivered great results at a price about 15% lower than their initial quote. A+!

  • JeremyreviewedPep Boys

    I imagine you'll be hearing quite a few complaints about this location... read more I imagine you'll be hearing quite a few complaints about this location today, if it's not already a regular occurrence with this location. I waited about 30 minutes in the service area before anyone approached me and asked what I was there for, and this was after we had called the location multiple times earlier, but had been put on hold for 10-15 minutes each time before being cut off, and having to call back, just to be put on hold again. After receiving no answers or information on my vehicle for over an hour from Chris or Billy (apparently known as Will at this location), a young lady, Kelly, finally came in, clocked in, and started to clean up their mess. While Chris & Will attempted to keep an appropriate attitude with everyone, it was very clear that neither of those two employees should be doing what they're doing. Both of them kept answering the phone, saying the typical and I assume approved, "Thank you for trusting the boys, this is xxxxx, may I please put you on hold for a moment", and then letting the caller remain on hold until the phone system cut them off. Well, that's only partially true, they did that 75% of the time, the other 25% of the time, they just let the phone ring without answering it at all. When Chris finally found my paperwork and attempted to check me out, he told me the price was over double what we had been told it was going to be. I inquired why, but he didn't have an answer, just kept asking me who took in the call initially. As I was not the original caller (nor do I assume the majority of people remember who they spoke to on the phone), I finally pointed out that it says who took in the order on the top right hand of the order form. That seemed to come as a surprise to Chris, who then told me he was going to get that gentleman, Mike. Chris came back, said Mike was on his way over. So, I proceeded to wait for another 20 minutes until I finally discovered that Mike was behind the counter in the store and had no idea what I was talking about. Chris kind of just shrugged his shoulders at that, and that is when Kelly finally stepped in and said she would just take care of it. At this point, I'd like to remind you that Chris was having me pay the "wrong" amount, and was going to hand me the keys. Well, while Kelly was looking into why the price was over double the amount told to us originally, she found out that the WRONG TIRE had been installed on the car. We brought it in to replace one, single, individual tire with you because we have the warranty with you and tires we had just purchased recently. When Kelly then looked into how that had happened, all of sudden, we found out that Tina had been looking into it for about an hour, but hadn't said anything to me or had it fixed yet. I'll skip to two hours later, of course after being told it would only be a couple of minutes to replace the tire, when thanks to Kelly and a young technician, Dave, who came up and started helping customers on what I presume was his break, I finally paid the original quote and got the keys. Are you kidding me? At one point, I even had to interject myself into a conversation Chris & Will were having in front of us, while they ignored the phone ringing and the people walking in to the service center, about which one of them was going to take a smoke or lunch break at that point. That conversation lasted for over a minute before I finally said, or how about we answer the phone that's been ringing or help us? This location has gone well beyond losing my future business, both personally and professionally, and while I've had good experiences at other Pep Boys, if any of your stores are going to continue to employ people like Chris, Will, Tina, & Mike, who just constantly tell people they'll help them in just a minute, and then ask someone else to deal with it, I guess it's time for me to find another company completely for all of our future needs.

  • Henry reviewedPlanet Auto Sales

    Never in my life have I dealt with such blatant liars, and cheats. Fro... read more Never in my life have I dealt with such blatant liars, and cheats. From day one, this dealer was obviously dishonest. I did run the Carfax on my vehicle prior to purchase. I was fully aware that said vehicle had a salvage title, and was not deterred by it, for the purchase price. Upon stating this to the dealer, however, they appeared shocked, and claimed to have no idea what a salvage title was. I was not born yesterday, and I find it rather difficult to swallow the fact that a used car dealer is unaware of what a salvage title means. I suppose this outright lie should have turned me off to the vehicle, however, I felt that once I received my tags, I would never see them again. I bit my tongue, and bought the car. After reading the owners manual, I discovered that I was sold a car that had only a valet key. Someone else may have picked up on this right away, however this is my first foreign car. I sucked it up, and bought a master key, a fob, and paid for programming. Within a day or two this vehicle was misfiring quite badly. When I returned to the dealer, they diagnosed the problem, and installed 2 used ignition coils, pulled from another car on their lot. The following weekend, I took the car to a reputable dealer for service by mileage. At this time, I was informed that I had been sold a car (inspected, and road ready, mind you) with 2 seized brake calipers in the rear, and a leaking rack and pinion. I took care of the calipers myself, and contacted Planet Auto to make arrangements to have the steering rack replaced inside of my 30 day warrantee. This dealership screwed around for Two weeks, giving me days to bring the car in for service, and then changing it when I got there, saying, go home, and bring it back another day. Finally, I got a date, and was told to drop it off Tuesday, 7/8. When I showed up, I was told, yet again, to drop it off Wednesday, instead. Now, since dropping it off, the mechanics at Planet Auto have installed at least 2 faulty steering racks, from the junkyard. They also cut a perfectly good exhaust pipe, rather than unbolting it, as part of this hatchet job. They have given zero communication on the status of my car, and getting Tony on the phone has become a chore that I would liken to pulling teeth. On Saturday, 7/12, I made the trip, via cab, to Planet Auto, and spoke with Tony, face to face. I was, at that time, assured that I could go home, and that my car would be ready no later than that evening. This was approximately 5PM. Before 7, I made a trip back, as the office was closed. What I found was that everyone had left, the dealership was closed for the weekend, and not so much as a courtesy call, to let me know that my car would, in fact, not be ready. On Monday, July 14, I made the trip back to Planet Auto Sales. I was quickly greeted on the lot by Tony, and my car was nowhere in sight. I was quickly informed that his mechanics had stayed past 7PM on the 12'th to get my car finished, and that he was appalled that no one had called me. I just bit my tongue, and thanked him, lol. He said that since I had not picked it up Saturday evening, they had now taken it to get aligned, and that his mechanic would be back any minute. Well, leaving the dealership some time later, I discovered that every warning light on my dash was lit, the car felt horrible, the steering was grinding, and was farther out of line than ever. I continued to work, as I had already missed time for this car. Upon getting to work, I also discovered several lug nuts missing from the passenger front wheel. On the morning of 7/15/14, I took the car to Browns Toyota, for actual repairs. The gleaming highlights are as follows; the exhaust pipe they cut was a $2000. part, which includes the catalytic converter. The tie rod ends were on the wrong sides, there was still a leak in the steering system, and this was disguised by the fluid system being left empty. Other repairs include damage to the spring cable inside my steering wheel. I can only assume that the steering wheel was repositioned to give an illusion of alignment. Repairs totaling over $4000 in parts and labor, when Toyota had quoted $1300 to do the steering rack. Planet Auto is the most shining example that I have ever seen, of an absolutely horrible business, top to bottom. Tony should not be allowed to sell cars, and their "mechanics" have no business working on a 10 speed bike

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