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  • Cody
    Caruthersville, MO
    Stuck in gear
    Won't shift at all stuck in gear tried rocking it and shifting took it around the block and shifted under pressure still nothing
    2006 Lifan 250-4 | answers (0)
  • Jeannette
    San Bernardino, CA
    Pocket bike
    Pocket bike starts but wont stay on.As soon as i throttle it bogs out.Now it wont even try to start.Like no compression or spark to it.spark plug is. Good.What can it be?
    2000 Gas gas Pampera 125 | answers (0)
  • Anthony
    Fuquay Varina, NC
    No spark
    I have a 2003 CR85I have changed the pulse generator and the Ignition coil and the spark plug boot when I check for spark I see a little spark however when I put the plug in the head under compression...
    2003 Honda CR 80 R | answers (0)
  • Ricky
    Hephzibah, GA
    Winter starts
    In warm weather bike cranks immediately,in cold weather bike acts as if battery is almost dead.Bought new , first winter bike turns over very slowly,eventually starts. Bought new battery same results....
    2010 Honda Stateline | answers (0)
  • Mike
    Cape Coral, FL
    Pinion gear don't line up with cam gears
    My pinion gear does not line up with my cam gears what could be the problem I'm told that my crankshaft had moved but everything comes up on TDC the only thing that doesn't line up is my pinion gears
    2001 Harley-davidson Sportster Custom 883 | answers (0)
  • Dennis
    front end wobble
    When I relax my grip on the handlebars, the front end begins to wobble.  What causes this...steering head bearings, shocks, wheel balance??  Also, the shop mounted the front tire in reverse of the arr...
    2006 Honda gl 1800 | answers (0)
  • Rebecca
    Dustin, OK
    Oil sprays out of bike
    Oil sprayed out of my bike when i filled It, and I think there's a plug missing but I'm not sure. In the picture posted there is the spot that i think maybe a hose or a plug should be. There's a littl...
    1981 Yamaha XS 850 | answers (0)
  • Nihad
    Halstead, KS
    Engine turns off when accelerate
    Yesterday i ride my bike at maximum speed and suddenly the engine got some missing and it turns off. after several tries , it started up but when i accelerate engine is turning off
    2008 Hero honda Karizma | answers (0)
  • Joshua
    Boissevain, VA
    1997 Suzuki Gsx250f
    A ride my bike for about 10 to 15 min (ujntil it gets to runni ng tempreture) then the engine just shuts off and all four spark plugs stops firing  and i have to wait about an hour then it will start ...
    1987 Suzuki GSX 400 S | answers (0)
  • Kevin
    Adrian, MO
    transmission slipping
    When I shift second gear it feels like the transmission is slipping real bad how can I fix this
    2007 Suzuki Boulevard M109R Limited Edition | answers (0)