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Overheating 1992 Larson 180 SEI I/O

Boat Model: 1992 Larson 180 SEI I/O
Location: Bryant, AR Submitted on May 14, 2019

Bryant, AR

I have an 5.0 OMC Cobra engine in my boat. Just bought it from a buddy of mine that has never had any problems out of it, all of the sudden it wants to overheat. I have replaced the exhaust boots (they were leaking) and I changed the water pump (which I had a little trouble with).  Could it be I didn't seal the water pump good and its not working correctly? Also the flappers have never been changed but obviously if the boots were leaking there was water there so I don't know if it would be that. If someone could help me out with some advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Steven
    Bryant, AR
    5.0 OMC Cobra engine
    Engine has been overheating. I have replaced everything except the exhaust flappers which i will do when they get here. My question is, do you think that will solve the issue?
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