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questin about 1999 yamaha 1600 roadstar 1999 Yamaha Xv1600al

Motorcycle Model: 1999 Yamaha Xv1600al Submitted on July 29, 2019


Motorcycle starts and runs fine carberator has been rebuilt and intake manifold has new seals 
drained gas tank completely petcock is not clogged bike runs great then all of a sudden just dies  it will restart sometimes on a restart it acts like its running out of gas  and sometimes it restarts and runs great I think im past the fuel issue but don't know what to check next I think its gott to be in the ignition somewhere any advice would be appreciated thanks

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  • John
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    Not a big motorcycle buff but sounds like to me it may be a spark issue. Spark plugs tend to fail if they can't get the right amount of amps. Pull your spark plugs one at a time and hook your Spark tester to it and see what's going on. Check for weak spark. Test your coil also. Those tend to not work correctly after heating up once they get old.
    Posted on July 31, 2019

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