Repair Shop Telematics

Connecting repair shops with their customers via telematics.

A smart technology.

Building loyalty and trust among repair shops and their customers and helping car owners protect and maintain a safe vehicle.

  • Stay Connected

    With our OBD-II telematics device repairs shops can remotely connect with their customers vehicle from any location and see important diagnostic information. Giving the shop the ability to assist customers proactively or at a moments notice. If an engine code fires in a customers vehicle, both the customer and repair shop receive real-time notifications, giving the customer the piece of mind that their repair shop is there to assist if there is a critical issue.

  • Data Driven Marketing

    Repair shops can stop guessing when a customer is due for a service or might have an issue with their vehicle. With our real-time marketing engine repair shops can notify customers that they are in need of a service or have an issue that needs to be checked based on the actual performance of the vehicle.

  • Quote Requests & Service History

    With the My Mechanic mobile app repair shops can connect to their customers and share a complete repair history for a vehicle. The app lets customers see what work has been performed on their vehicle and what work will need to be done in the future. The repair shop can also send quotes and invoices through the mobile app and ask for approval or payment from the customer.

A complete marketing suite.

The most complete and robust marketing platform that is designed specifically for managing and retaining car owners and their vehicles.

Mechanic Advisor provides a complete suite of marketing tools for auto shops. The platform includes text messaging, email marketing, online scheduling, reputation management, advertising, postcard marketing and much more. With our automated system and integration capabilities, getting started is hassle-free and just a click away.

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