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Auto Reviews in the Colorado Springs Area

  • After having my car at KSouth Automotive, Colorado Springs, for a tire... read more After having my car at KSouth Automotive, Colorado Springs, for a tire rotation only 5 months ago (6,000 mi.), I turned off a highway onto a dirt road and one wheel fell off my car! 4 out of 5 studs were broken, and the lug nuts gone, except for one with half of the stud still in it. 3 car experts all told me that the tire was not torqued, or it was torqued wrong! The moulding above the tire, under the rear door, and the bumper were broken loose. I took the car to the shop and it was clear that the owner (Ken Southers) was not willing to admit that his mechanic may have missed the last tire. He did ask when was the last time I had my timing belt changed!?!?!? I watched Ken take the car into the bay where he said he would look at it. He did not. I watched him through the window, situated between the lobby and the bays, and he never looked at the wheel. Rather, he chatted with an employee at the front of my car who simply took a lug wrench and tightened my NEWLY replaced and properly torqued wheel, then drove my car out of the bay and told me they didn't find anything. He asked what I wanted from him--I wanted reimbursement for my car expense and lost wages that day. Ken got defensive and began to blame me for the problem. He refused and the argument ensued. Basically, do not take your car to this deceptive, irresponsible shop. Ken will tell you one thing and do another. He clearly does not take responsibility for the average work done here. Go to Accelerated Auto next door

  • I took my 2009 F250 truck to Aspen Auto on Mark Dabling in early May 2... read more I took my 2009 F250 truck to Aspen Auto on Mark Dabling in early May 2020, and discussed my issues with one of the managing partners, Brian. I had a bunch of warning lights going off on the truck,along with a faulty gas gauge, and faulty backup sensors. After some detailed inspections, squirrels had chewed through all the main electrical cables connecting all the engine assemblies, and other wiring in the rear of the truck. Brian did a great job working with my insurance company to get a damage claim submitted and approved. The whole effort took about 3 weeks to identify all the issues, quoting out repair estimates, gaining approval of the insurance payout, and getting all the repairs done. Brian and his team did a great job, and were very good about giving me regular updates on progress. I would highly recommend using them for any type of repair work on your vehicles, no matter what the make or year !!

  • This is a great shop, and I wouldn't go anywhere besides Aspen.

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