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Auto Reviews in the Atlanta Area

  • ScottreviewedMing's Auto Service

    I read the tribe ratings after hearing several advertisements on KPOJ,... read more I read the tribe ratings after hearing several advertisements on KPOJ, and decided that I would go to Vincent, for an inspection and an oil change. What I left the shop with was much more — a spooky encounter with a service manager, who recommended that I not go on long trips, unless I pay more than $2500 for additional repairs, and an $800 whole in my wallet. I was seduced by Vincent website and progressive radio message. When I arrived I was awestruck by all the technical certifications and employee photos on the wall. The place looked humble, and the people were very friendly at 7 am. I dropped the car off and took the shuttle back to work, without incident. A few hours later I get a message to call them, the inspection had been completed. Turns out that my suspension is totally shit struck, I had a bald tire, and I needed a break job, because a caliper is broken and dragging. Now I’m no mechanic, heck, I couldn’t pick a break caliper out of a lineup, but that sounded pretty serious, so I had them fix it. I was then told they had the parts in stock and I could get it done by the end of the day, they would call me. At this time I was also “sold up” on additional services like a break system flush, a cleaning and adjustment on the rear brakes, and a transmission fluid change. My $99.50 inspection and $37.22 oil change had skyrocketed up to $800! They called me two hours before closing, and then told me that something wasn’t fitting right and that they would have to keep the car over night. I was upset, but what could I do? I got dropped off by my girlfriend, to pick up the car, and told her I that I would pay and be meet her at a local pub in a couple of minutes. It seems that I underestimated their respect for a customer’s time when I told my girlfriend to go on ahead of me and order me a beer, because I, with credit card in hand, could not simply pay and leave without a lecture in vehicle safety, and a hard sell on the urgency of restoring my entire suspension system to original factory specs (I have a lowered ride), FOR OVER $2000!

  • This is an excellent auto shop! I was most amazed at how knowledgeable... read more This is an excellent auto shop! I was most amazed at how knowledgeable and genuine the owner of the shop is. My driver side window wouldn’t close after I lowered it down on late Tuesday night. I contacted Wright’s Car Care the following morning and I drove to his shop. Ate breakfast and walked through some of the stores nearby (great marketplace nearby), and I couldn’t believe my car was finished! I had another auto shop that would have charged me 250 more and the service would have been subpar in comparison to Wright’s. If you’re trying to decide which auto shop to go to, Wright’s Car Care is my recommendation.

  • ShenareviewedH and H Auto Sales

    I bought a car from this place and they sold me a bad engine. they kno... read more I bought a car from this place and they sold me a bad engine. they knowingly sold me this car under these conditions and told me that I had to pay for it. when I asked if I could trade my car in for another working vehicle since I am paying for it they said NO then said I had three choices 1. pay the note on my bad engine in under 3 mon. 2. drop the car off to them and they will close the contract no refund on anything not even the money I put in the car . they will just come pick up my car and charge me regular payments and a repo fee of $200 . I was like no no and hell no not happening. I will not be play out of my money and my car.

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