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  • ShenareviewedH and H Auto Sales

    I bought a car from this place and they sold me a bad engine. they kno... read more I bought a car from this place and they sold me a bad engine. they knowingly sold me this car under these conditions and told me that I had to pay for it. when I asked if I could trade my car in for another working vehicle since I am paying for it they said NO then said I had three choices 1. pay the note on my bad engine in under 3 mon. 2. drop the car off to them and they will close the contract no refund on anything not even the money I put in the car . they will just come pick up my car and charge me regular payments and a repo fee of $200 . I was like no no and hell no not happening. I will not be play out of my money and my car.

  • reliable and excellent service. Jose and Sylvia are wonderful to work... read more reliable and excellent service. Jose and Sylvia are wonderful to work with. I have purchased multiple cars from them. They go way out of their way to accommodate you and your automobile needs. I Highly recommend this Dealership

  • KimreviewedKIA Headquarter

    Hello, My name is Kim Dare. I purchased a 2013 Kia Forte in September... read more Hello, My name is Kim Dare. I purchased a 2013 Kia Forte in September of 2012. So far I have to say that I LOVE my Kia and have been very happy with it. I am, however, NOT happy with what just happened in regards to my tires. I went in for my routine oil change last week. When I came home and pulled in my garage my low air pressure light came on. I thought this was odd because I had just had my oil changed so I " assumed " that my air pressure had been checked in my tires. I got out and looked at my tires and they seemed ok. I then got back in my car and headed to the local Speedway to put air in my tires. Once I got to Speedway I got out and attempted to remove the caps that covered my valve stems on my tires. They would not budge...Not on one tire but on all four tires! I could not get them off. I decided that I would go home and have my boyfriend try it later. Long story short, he also tried but couldn't remove them by hand. It was late so I decided to try again the next day or so. On Tuesday, 9/8, I had taken a vacation day and was running errands. Once again I stopped at Speedway but this time I had a pair of pliars. The supervisor came out to try and help me and I finally got one to move....only to have it bust off with the valve stem needle stuck inside of the cap! At that time all of my air came out of my tire. Luckily this sweet young man at Speedway change my tire and put my spare on. Also lucky it wasn't late at night and I was able to take it to a Sunoco station near by. The attendant, Dave, also attempted to remove the remaining three caps but was also not able. I was then told that he has seen this before and that the metal caps had pretty much corroded on my valve stems. I was told that the new stem would cost me $88.00! He broke a second one, after spraying stuff on it and letting it sit, and that one also was $88.00. The third one he had to take a small torch to get off and the fourth he used another tool and saved it. Bottom line is that it ended up costing me $200 and 2 1/2 hours at a garage on my day off. When I called Jeff Wyler in Springfield Ohio to explain what had happened Ken, the manager said that Kia along with a few others were no longer using the metal caps because of this. When I asked if it was routine to check my air pressure during an oil change or rotation, he said yes. If the service department had been checking my tires the way they should have been, this should have been caught before it got this bad. It's very clear that they were not doing their job. Second, Ken said that it probably wont be covered and asked what I wanted them to do for me???? Really? This should have been a recall. It is a SAFETY issue Ken! I was unable to put air in my low tire in my car! If I would have been on a highway, if it would have been late at night, bad weather, etc, etc, I would not have been able to put air in my tire and it could have been a lot worse in a different situation. I am a single lady and I work hard for my money. I also had to use the money for my car payment to pay for this and then had to borrow money to cover that. This should have been addressed by Ken and reported to Kia. He said he would see if it would be covered but guess what?? Haven't heard back from Ken. What I would like is my money back. I have the receipt and will send you a copy. I would also like to see this issue addressed so that someone else doesn't have to go through this. I would also like to know that when the low air pressure comes on, a person can put air in the tire so that they can safely drive down the road. I would greatly appreciate it if someone would address this issue and contact me with their intentions. My email is kdare.1966@gmail .com. Thank you, Kim Dare

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