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  • I rarely write reviews even when work is bad, but these guys, these g... read more I rarely write reviews even when work is bad, but these guys, these guys just topped the list! so, i was going to take my audi Q7 to my regular mechanic because smoke was coming out of the hood but not overheating. My guy already told me it was because of oil leaking on a hot manifold. But when i went to start it one morning to drive to the mechanic, the battery was totally dead! so i called a tow truck to tow it to my mechanic, and when the tow guy got here, he said he knows my mechanic and its expensive, says he knows a good place and then recommends these twats called Brighton automotive inc! He seemed like a honest guy and i know my regular mechanic kind of overcharges so im like cool, lets take it to these idiots! (But now i realize the tow truck guy is in cohorts with these idiots) If anybody recommends this place to you, say a BIG NO! because thats the trick! im sure he got a kickback. Anyway, we get to Brighton workshop and the old man (i pray he dies in his sleep tonight!) Bill checked it out, fixed the battery (although charged me $700 for new battery and replacement, thats ridiculous already) and then he checked out the main thing, why the car was smoking under the hood and said oh "its an exhaust leak blah blah blah" and he also said "But there is also an oil leak" im like yes i know that, but this smoke coming out the hood, that exactly is causing it? is it the oil leak or the other thing?, he said its the other thing "the turbos, exhaust something something" im like are you sure, he is like ABSOLUTLEY! im like, so if you fix this, the smoking will stop? he says "absolutely! 100% the smoking is not because of the oil leak! i have been working on this cars for many years, trust me , i know!". Im like cool, how much is it to fix, he gives quote of $2,000 im like wtf!!!!! but cool he seemed like a nice guy, old man, funny so im like whatever, fix it, as long has it will stop the smoke from the hood. he again assured me ABSOLUTLY, SMOKING FROM THE HOOD WILL STOP! He then keeps the car for a whole week! a whole week! and today i just went to pick her up and just before reaching home, YOU WONT BELIEVE IT, the smoke comes out of the hood again! like literally 10minutes drive smoke starts coming out (and before i came to pick it up, he said he drove it for 50miles to ensure no more smoking) which was clearly a lie because less than 10mins of driving, car started smoking again! i opened my hood and oil was leaking, clearly its the oil touching the hot manifold that is causing the smoke (like my guy said)! so whatever he fixed for $2,000 has nothing to do with the smoke coming out the hood because its still happening like i didnt just pay 2k for it to be fixed! and he assured it wasnt the oil leak causing the smoke! at this point im not even sure they fixed anything or put any new parts (they quoted me 1k for parts)! im going to be requesting for the parts bought invoice. And the annoying part, when i called to say "yo its smoking again" he was like " thats not possible! i tested it for 50miles, blah blah blah" .... then he starts laughing, this modafuka started laughing on the phone! Bill, you dont know me, you dont know the power of witchcraft, the amount of badluck that will fall on you when when i am done with you spiritually! i feel sorry for you! that 2k i paid you whatever you use it for it will bring back pain to you and your future generation! PLEASE, IF YOU KNOW WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU AND YOUR POCKET, STAY AWAY FROM KILL BILL AND HIS TEAM! FRAUDULENT , SLOW PEOPLE!

  • I went to Velasquez Mufflers & Brakes at the above location on Monday,... read more I went to Velasquez Mufflers & Brakes at the above location on Monday, July 23, 2018. VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY poor service. I waited 5 hours for them to look at my car. Five hours!!! I have a 2012 Hyundai Sonata I brought in because of a rattling noise in the suspension. Not only they made me wait for five hours, they falsified the information. They informed me I needed two lower control arms at $280.00 each and sway bar links, struts, and sway bar bushings which I had to purchase at the dealership. However; they were willing to replace the 2 lower controls arms which I later found out I did not need. Had a second opinion at Car X and was informed I needed new bolts and pins only. I am convinced that Velasquez Mufflers tried to rip me off! Needless to say, Car X is repairing my vehicle. By the way, Car X took only 3 !/2 hours to repair my vehicle, which included the wait time.

  • JeromereviewedUnited Tires LLC

    Never again , Tried to buy tires off Ebay from them , but would not... read more Never again , Tried to buy tires off Ebay from them , but would not accept payment from them , had to go to their shop to pay for them , plus Chicago , and State tax to boot . Asked to see the DOT code to see if these were indeed "New" tires as advertised , was not allowed or shown them before work was done .Asked for estimate on how much this was going to cost me , total Price of the So called 4 "New" tires mount , balance, disposal fee ..etc...went on deaf ears and work was performed with out my authorization anyway . After it was done , I look at my receipt and it says " Used Tires" , I questioned it and was told they are "New" but made sometime in 2014. That is not a " New" tire by me ... I just hope and pray that I did not get some altered , used , abused, blemished, damaged , or only God knows what else tires , that will be GARBAGE , after their ever so gracious and kind , 90 day warranty , which was not explained to me what if anything is warranted . Going back to the DOT codes on the tires , I can not even tell when they were made because the third oval that contains the Manufacturing date is missing .... I spent good , hard earned money on a product that isn't even what is advertised on Ebay , Buyer beware on what these people sell , I am taking the car ( my daughters by the way ) to a Goodyear store to have them check out these " New" tires and see if they can guess how old they are and if they are any good , For if they are not deemed any good, by the fine folks at Goodyear .... BACK THEY GO .... and then I contact the BBB , news people and anyone else who will listen . So like I said ....Never again , and Buyer Beware , you don't know what you are going to get from this establishment .

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