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Boat Reviews in the Eastpointe Area

  • GeorgereviewedFULL Service Marine

    I purchased a boat from Jim Christie (owner) and he seemed like an hon... read more I purchased a boat from Jim Christie (owner) and he seemed like an honest and nice guy but the truth is that he says anything to make a sell or get a job and his last concern is the customer's satisfaction. The boat that I bought off him was a pontoon boat. The boat was for sale in front of his store but I found it from a listing on Craigslist. I usually would never consider buying a used boat without a test drive in the water but since this was a marina and I thought I was dealing with a local honest business owner I thought things would go fine but boy was I wrong! He claimed he loved this boat and knew it very well because it was his friend's boat and he spent several hours on it. He "promised" me that everything worked fine and that the only problem with the boat was that the seats were a little dry but with conditioning, they would soften up. I asked him if all the gauges worked and lights and stereo and he promised me that everything worked great without no doubts. Everything seemed great until getting it on the water and then I quickly realized that the speedo was not working and the engine was running rough. A call was placed to him and he said that he would be on his way over and that he would make it right. I went a little further and the engine seemed to clear out and run better so I immediately called him back to save him from a trip and just asked him if he would make sure to fix the speedo when he was not as busy and he agreed along with a promise to replace my speedo with a GPS speedo if he could not get it working. I felt this was fair and I didn't mind giving him some time since it was his busy time of the season. A couple days went by a little on the cold side so it was probably three days later that my family and I were able to take another cruise, this time it was the evening. I put the lights on and nothing! I continue to try pushing different buttons and then realized that if I wanted any lights I would need to put on the headlights or nothing else would work and if the wife and kids were told no ride, I was getting the doghouse for the night! Long story short, the lights blinded and annoyed everyone on the lake and I was asked to please turn the bright headlights off while driving around. I have no lights if I do that! A phone call to Jim would solve this I figured so like anyone would do in my shoes ... I called Jim at Full Service Marine and even stated that I knew he was busy and the problem seemed like something that could be fixed and that I would even do the work if he could just come diagnose it and give me direction on how to fix it, I work crazy hours myself becuase this is my busy season too but I figured that I would be a nice guy and try to lighten his load by helping him with this repair even though I was promised during the purchase that all lights and gauges worked. Upon calling Jim he started apologizing and complaining that he paid his damn mechanic to go over everything before he put it up for sale and this was embarrassing because he was a man of his word, and he said that he would be over within the hour to give me a hand and make things right, he never showed! Not even a call to reschedule! So I waited two days without hearing anything from him and then placed a call to him with no answer. I sent him a text and he responded by apologizing again and stating that I had no idea how busy he was and then he promised me he would be there on Tuesday because he had to drop a boat off in the neighborhood and I said that would be fine. Once again, he was a no-show and no call! the further texts would prove that he was just making time go by and that he had no plans of helping me what so ever. I eventually text him again and said that I would be taking him to court if this was how he was going to conclude our deal and he stated that he sold me a used boat as is and that the lights worked when I looked at it in his lot, I had to remind him that he made me promises on the gauges, light, and stereo and that I even had saved text of him promising to make it right and that he acknowledged that he thought all the lights and gauges worked when he sold it. Now he is claiming I should understand how busy he is and that I need to be patient or have someone else fix the lights and speedo. Now I am taking him to court and will never give him business again. Did I mention that I even sent two friends his way the day after I bought the boat? Where this guy learned customer satisfaction I have no clue, but he is one shady character and you should really stay clear of giving him your business.

  • The people here really seem to know what they are doing and willing to... read more The people here really seem to know what they are doing and willing to go the extra mile. I had them repair my sea doo jet ski, and they did it so quick I had them tune up my bayliner cruiser. I am super pleased with the turn around time and the fair pricing.

  • Just got my boat back from storage. Great job. These guys have it go... read more Just got my boat back from storage. Great job. These guys have it going on.

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