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Boat Reviews in the Eastpointe Area

  • JohnreviewedDees Marine

    i tried to return a prop that was incorrect that i purchased from dees... read more i tried to return a prop that was incorrect that i purchased from dees marine. they were going to charge me a handling charge for the part that they sold me that was incorrect. when i complained the counter person said "you prove its wrong and i will give you your money back". so i left quickly to get home and get the old correct prop before they closed. i was then approched in the parking lot by the counter person and i was verbally abused by the counter person and physically threatened by him. he said "i'll kick your fu**ing a*s you old bas**rd. as i tried to get into my van before he hit me but he grabbed the door and wouldn"t let me close it so i could get out of there. he pulled so much on my door he tore the weather seal. he kept asking my wife if i am always a fu**ing a**hole. now i have a prop that i can't use because i fear for my safety and can't return it.. the person at the counter was out of control he left the building and followed me to the parking lot and wanted to fight. i hope he fells like a big man now he is aprox. in his mid twentys and i'm sixty and he wanted to fight and all i wanted to do is get away from him. so now i not only have a prop i can't use i also need to get my van fixed where he damaged it. what a way to treat a customer. no correct that a former customer.

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