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Auto Reviews in the Red Springs Area

  • BenreviewedWagenhaus

    Had problem with service engine light and nothing was done. Still was ... read more Had problem with service engine light and nothing was done. Still was charged unnecessarily well above what was done. Car had to be towed back in. My loss...

  • asdreviewedBryan Honda

    I called to make an appointment based on a letter I received in the ma... read more I called to make an appointment based on a letter I received in the mail from Honda corporate. The phone rep took my information, set up a service date and time and answered my questions, although slower than I would have expected. 30 minutes later I got a call from another person from the same service facility, loudly telling me I'd need to call back that there had been a "glitch" in their system and my appointment was gone. What really happened: They deleted my appointment, rescinded their promise to replace parts, and started the run-around. The first rep was in training, and told me my car would be seen under warranty and a known-to-fail component replaced. Instead the person I called back tersely told me that there would be nothing fixed, and had me reschedule. I got information about the shuttle, because for some strange reason, they do not offer loaner cars (like every other dealership I've been to outside of Fayetteville). After ensuring they had after-hours drop-off available when confirming my appointment, the after-hours dropbox was behind a construction fence with the deposit slot taped shut. The after-hours receptionist insisted I put my drop-envelope and key in the after-hours box, despite the fact that I could not physically reach the box due to the fence, open the slot due to the tape, or even obtain an envelope since I can't get to the box in the first place! After a lengthy discussion, I convinced the receptionist to put the key on a service manager's desk or somewhere safe I was called after the appointment, informed nothing was replaced, and given options for shuttle service. The next day, first thing in the morning, I called to schedule shuttle service. After waiting on hold for several minutes (just after the stealership opened, and prior to the time I was told the first shuttle run of the day happened), the receptionist told me the shuttle driver could not be reached. She took my number and informed me that she would pass it on to the shuttle driver who would call me shortly. Half an hour later I still had not received any call. I waited for another 15 minutes, then called the dealership back. The receptionist took my call, informed me she would transfer me to service or the shuttle service and asked me to hold. Then the exact same experience happened. Twice more. Three times the receptionist seemed unable to put me in touch with anyone aside from the switchboard. The fourth time I asked for a manager. I went through the loop again and ended up back at the switchboard. Finally, on the fifth time, after asking [kindly] to speak with the manager, I was hung up on. I was going to just chalk it up to a bad day, attempt to never use Bryan Honda ever again, and inform everyone I could meet about my bad experience, but I thought I'd give it one last try. I called back and asked to talk to the General Manager. This time I could hear the receptionist set the call on the desk and ask multiple others for the GM's extension. The phone rang and a man gruffly answered: "What?." I asked "Are you the Manager?" "Yeah." This is not how I expected to be greeted by a businessman. Flustered, I continued "Uh, can I have your name please?" I continued to get one word answers from the man on the other end of the line. Finally I stopped trying to get any civility and simply told him that I was disappointed in the level of service I had received from his establishment. His response was something akin to "Fine. You can come pickup your car." To their credit, at least they put my keys on the floor and locked the doors ... although they left they keys and all paperwork in plain sight. Not that the main road on which they're located has any foot traffic, unsavory individuals, or anyone who would want to smash a window, grab some keys, and know the exact address where the car would be parked in the future. Do yourself a favor - stay as far away

  • JacoliareviewedBryan Honda

    This place is HORRIBLE! I wouldnt recommend it to anyone. I took my ve... read more This place is HORRIBLE! I wouldnt recommend it to anyone. I took my vehicle to their clueless service dept in which I was told they couldnt even check my car until I did some suggested fix that I knew was not even an issue. My car stayed here for a month while they guessed on what my diagnosis was. I spent so much money on unnecessary repairs after they assured me of a problem n it was never it. After 1 1/2 months, I finally have my vehicle and also it was returned with parts broken and all. After speaking with the sorry management, I was cursed at and spoken to so rudely that I contacted HONDA AMERICA. This place doesnt care and the customers need to speak up and stop letting them get away with the ripping off of customers. Also, after all of this, the issue still isnt resolved. I spent close to $1150 and they tried to charge an additional almost $900 when they didnt even know the issue. They returned my vehicle with broken parts after being in their possession and did not bother to explain what happened until I questioned them.

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