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Auto Reviews in the Vancouver Area

  • EricreviewedMidas Vancouver

    Why you should not go to Midas on Hwy 99. Hopefully you will read t... read more Why you should not go to Midas on Hwy 99. Hopefully you will read this before you step into this shop. I feel for the current manager and employee's. This business goes through a lot of managers and employees. Why, because the problem is with the owner Bruce Costello. This tired and angry man reminds me of a Scrooge who never learned the lessons from the 3 ghosts. Imagine working for this person.  "The customer is always wrong" is the motto he lives by. My story? Fact: I deposited cash to have my truck worked on at Midas on Hwy 99. Purpose of funds, Rebuild engine, electrical, etc.  Fact: The manager and employee counted, verified the funds and gave me a Midas receipt. Fact: Owner (Bruce Costello) calls cops on the manager for stealing the cash. Manager admits to stealing the cash, goes to court, etc. Now, you would think the owner would make it right?  Bruce Costello basically washed his hands of everything and told me I should be suing the manager, not Midas. This is the type of owner you are dealing with. I am happy to say after YEARS of lawyering up Bruce Costello finally had to pay up AND return my truck that he held onto. He and his lawyer were going to lose in this case "Green v. Costellos Auto Repair, LLC, et al 19-2-02714-06" so they finally settled. Bruce lost big time trying this crap. But that did not stop him from using delay after delay tactic in order to drag this out. Watch out, he will try this with you as well. Folks, run away from this place. The person that runs this business is a low life, dishonest, deceitful, lying, untruthful, insincere, swindling, and cheating owner.

  • ElenareviewedAccurate Motorwerks

    Car runs like new. Wish I did.

  • Great Job as always!!

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