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Dealership Reviews in the Anchorage Area

  • Horrible experience if you have other options this place is definitely... read more Horrible experience if you have other options this place is definitely not the place to rent from. When we picked the RV up there were so many issues doing the walk through the staff person said "there's to much to write I'm just going to take pictures". For almost $200/day we received a RV that had 127,000 miles on it which if it was taken care of probably no big deal. However they clearly do not take care of their equipment nor do they care about he safety of their clients only the money involved. On our third day into the rental only 70 miles in we had a rear inner passenger tire where the tread came off the tire. We pulled over quickly and started to try and change the tire. They only provided a bottle jack for the RV with some pieces of miscellaneous wood. Once we macguyvered a way to make this work the tire iron they provided had a crack in the socket. Therefore it wouldn't let you break the lug nuts loose. We had to hike a mile and a half to find someone in a campground that had proper tools to help us. Once we inspected the tire we noticed that tire was completely bald and the spare tire they gave us had steel radials showing. An inspection of the other tires revealed there were two other tires that was in just as bad shape. We also noticed whenever we would break around 40 mph the steering wheel would shake like crazy. Once we got to cell reception we called them. We were told someone could meet us with another tire but we would have to change the tire again no offer for the shake. This was due to this person only being a driver and not a mechanic. Last time I checked we are not mechanics as well. Not feeling safe to continue the remaining 12 days we had we had to travel a hour and a half the opposite direction back to the business. Once there their "mechanic" met us in the parking lot and proceeded to argue with us over what a bald tire is and if it's unsafe. Mind you the office girl we were dealing with said "I'm not a mechanic whatsoever but yes that tire is bald". They told us a hour and a half to change the tires and take it for a test drive to test the shake we felt. At the start of this we had asked for another RV so we could just be on our way we were told no. After three hours they finally took it for a test drive the "mechanic" came in and said I don't feel anything and proceeds to continue walking away from us. When asked when we leave and it does it again as he's walking away said bring it back. This whole day the attitudes we received from their staff and so called "mechanic" was absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable. We left and within a block the RV school I videoed it on my phone and returned to the place of business. One of the office people who told us he was kinda in charge saw it and said clearly there's a shake let's get the other RV ready for you. Only gave excuse after excuse for the attitudes and lack of service for the day. When asked for the owners information they couldn't give us a direct number, no specific time when she was there, and no direct email. Six hours after the ordeal we finally had a different RV and were on our way. I sent a email to the owner that night and tried calling. Once I returned home I also sent a certified letter I had confirmation of it being delivered and still no response. If this tire would've been a front bearing tire this could've been disastrous for our family. They have absolutely no regards for their customers safety. While we were waiting there was another RV in the parking lot waiting to leave. We noticed their tire was almost flat and yet this passed their "mechanical inspection" Unfortunately when I tried booking RV's it was 7 months before our trip unfortunately all other places was already booked for that time. I had no other choice but to go with them. Since then I did research on them they've had 19 complaints from the BBB mostly over products and service. Do yourself the favor and stay far away from this place.

  • I rented a motorhome on June 17, 2014. After I paid, I asked if I cou... read more I rented a motorhome on June 17, 2014. After I paid, I asked if I could add an extra night and was told that it wasn't booked so it would be fine. I drove about five miles down the road to a store. Upon leaving the store the Check Engine light and the Oil light both came on so I returned to the office. No one was there, I called every number they gave me and no one answered the phone. My daughter and I had to spend the night in their parking lot. I had to cancel my plans for the next day, a fishing trip that I had already paid $500 for, and lost my payment for my fishing trip. The next day I was told that the lights come on and everything was fine. I asked for two things, first, a refund of the night my eleven year old daughter and I had to stay in the parking lot and secondly, I asked to cancel the extra day I had added. I was told that it was no problem because, according to their 'board' I was due to return the vehicle on Saturday and not Sunday so the extra night had not been added. Also, I was told that the night we spent in the parking lot would be refunded because I could not drive the vehicle with the engine and oil lights on before having it checked out. The $500 I was out for fishing was obviously not refundable. The company is refusing to refund these nights to me, they only will refund my deposit and nothing more. Prior to the trip, I had to leave a $500 deposit with them via my credit card and they will only refund that amount. I asked repeatedly and was told each time that I need not worry because two nights would be refunded to me.

  • I was without the Aqua-Hot in our RV for almost 2 weeks while travelin... read more I was without the Aqua-Hot in our RV for almost 2 weeks while traveling to Anchorage Alaska. It started to blow black smoke while in Windsor Colorado and a day or two later quit working altogether. The shops in Calgary could not fit me into their schedules so I had to wait until reaching Anchorage. They worked on the unit, replaced the Websato Control Module, $800, replaced the burner nozzle, etc. over three hours of shop labor, total bill was well over $1200. Two months later while staying in Fairbanks, the Aqua-Hot diesel burner stated blowing black smoke again but this time much worse. It was so much that it set off the smoke alarm I have in my front run electrical bay on the same side of the coach that the Aqua-Hot exhaust is located. After returning back to the lower 48, I had Roger Berke of Sacramento look at the Webasto diesel burner and he found many parts that were well worn and needing replacing along with a very old style burner nozzle. The combustion chamber was also choked up with carbon chunks. Needless to say, after another almost $600 or well needed parts, the burner is now in tip top shape. The so called Aqua-Hot trained technicians at Karen's RV service really don't know what they are doing and do not have a clue when it comes to maintaining an Aqua-Hot system. I will NEVER go back to them again. If when in Alaska and I have a Webasto burner problem, I will send the unit to Roger Berke in Sacramento for his expert rebuilding service. He is one of the best Aqua-Hot service technicians in the country. Richard Smith Monaco Windsor PBT Full-Timer over 10 years

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