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Auto Reviews in the Tucson Area

  • JamesreviewedDan's Toy Shop

    Very quick and efficient. Pleasant experience.

  • JenninereviewedBrake Max

    I give Brake Max only 5 stars because there was no option for more. Th... read more I give Brake Max only 5 stars because there was no option for more. The staff is friendly, professional, and really seem to care. I was able to drop off my vehicle, they would drive me to work and pick me up after work when the vehicle was done. I had the brakes and all related hardware replaced in Febuary-ish 2018 on my 2012 Jeep Wrangler at the River Rd location. Afterwards, whenever I used the brakes, they squealed just as if they were never replaced. I was told this is normal for a while because they are new. A few months later I went to another location closer to my work, at Ft. Lowell and Swan, and was assured the brakes were in perfect condition. About a month later, still squealing, I brought my Jeep back in (9/4/18). They replaced all the brake pads at no charge. And for the first time in many months, no squealing brakes! I would recommend Brake Max many times over :)

  • hI took my truck in got an old change then the transmission fluid chan... read more hI took my truck in got an old change then the transmission fluid changed a engine tension pulley ok then is started rough and not holding an idle. Then he put in a rebuilt fuel injector racing for time with his idiot staff the left the injector in the engine and came romping out when i drove it later that night. Had it towed he has it for almost a week, Figured they fixed it with a bad clip wiring problem, NO then it would start when I picked it up. LOL. So his prime idiot Dave or vaping Dave said it was a coil problem and work ed on vacuum lines, Didn't solve the problem Then Ricky the owner took i t for a test drive and said it was close. Recommended I leave it with him. I did then the solution was a new distributor and or fuel body, Really !! .They get you in for a $9.99 oil change and all the tv entertainment when you wait, THE END OF THIS STORY IS I TOOK IT TO A DIFFERENT MECHANIC WHO PUT IN A NEW DISTRIBUTOR NEW MASS AIR METER STARTER MOTOR FOR A TOTAL COST OF $1200 WHICH IT STILL HARDLY STARTED EVEN NEW PLUGS . THAT WAS A RIPOFF THE 3RD MECHANIC FOUND THE PROBLEM IT WAS THE FUEL INJECTOR TAuto Dynamic Specialists HAD I ORIGINALLY PUT IN WAS TAMPERED WITH BY THEM AND WAS LEAKING. AXD COSTS ME$ 275 THAT WAS REPLACED AND NOW WORKING GOOD.MY RECOMMENDATION IS TO NOT LISTEN TO THEIR RECOMENDATIONS AND TAKE YOUR CAR TO SOMEONE ELSE

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