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Auto Reviews in the Hollywood Area

  • MichaelreviewedCar Doctor USA

    I took my 2006 Impala in to have much needed service performed, hoses,... read more I took my 2006 Impala in to have much needed service performed, hoses, belts, plugs, oil and coolant leaks, broken A/C, rear window not working, struts, … I am still impressed with the work. Things were fixed that I never expected, basically the “Car Doctor” exceeded my expectations, that is hard to do for a car mechanic.

  • MohamedreviewedMotronix

    Just be aware of what they charge you at this shop. The guy told me th... read more Just be aware of what they charge you at this shop. The guy told me the price on the phone for the inspection and when I towed th3 car to this store it was more all of a sudden with "supplies" and sales tax. Knowing that the car needs an OEM battery beforehand he still decided to "inspect" and force me to tow it there and pay a fortune. The prices are even higher than at the Mercedes-Benz dealership. I don't recommend this auto shop to any potential client unless you want to waste your money. Check the amount on your service order before signing it because that's their bargain to force you to pay or pay more to tow your car without fixing it which is what I decided to do.

  • CarloalbertoreviewedGerman Car Depot

    Brought my Volkswagen Jetta TDI to German Car Depot because of a rando... read more Brought my Volkswagen Jetta TDI to German Car Depot because of a random brakes issue, had a loud noise and vibrations coming from the front when reducing the speed above the 60 mph then tendency to blockage. They supposedly tested the vehicle but they came up with a different diagnose, indicating transmission issues, I never had any warning light from the transmission, which was serviced about 27k miles. About a month before another mechanic l serviced my brakes, he checked the vehicle computer but he didn’t diagnosed transmission issues on his Snap On tester. German Car Depot (GCD) report described my transmissions as “shot dead”, very weird since I didn’t have any light on the dash, nor any strange behavior from the shifting. GCD quoted $3500 originally to replace my transmission with a used one however after they kept the car for 10 days their bill ended up to $4129.00! ———— After a similar "bleeding" once I drove on highway the car was having exactly the same issue, nothing different. I brought my Jetta back to GCD shop, they kept the car for another week, now they addressed the issue to a motor mount. This time before they started working again on my vehicle my dad stopped there telling them that it should have been a simple defective brake caliper since the mechanic who previously serviced the front brakes used aftermarket parts. On Friday afternoon the car was ready, but I was stuck at my workplace and couldn't stop by to pickup the car. The shop manager said no problem I’ll text you the place where we’ll leave the keys allowing me to take the car back on Saturday morning, but this text was never sent. On Monday the truth came out, they lost my OEM car keys. At that point I asked them to have it replaced with a factory key FOB, however they did replaced it with a cheap “used” copy. After I took back my Jetta the vehicle still had the same identical issue, the only noted difference was a little less vibrations. After all this odyssey I brought the car back to the shop who serviced my brakes a month before, they fixed the issue since as predicted the problem was a defective front brake caliper and not the transmissions. Before going ahead to post my review I tried to speak with Alan, the owner of German Car Depot, it took me 3 weeks before being able to talk to him. At the first approach he replied that he would have had a meeting with his employees then he would have called me back. Then he disappeared for a week. I tried again to contact him, after several attempt all filtered by his employee. Once I was able to talk to the guy he was sloppy like a snake, avoiding the main topic tens of times, creating and simulating any kind of environmental noise, he then added unacceptable excuses saying he was unaware of this and that, at the end he wanted more time to go to the shop who serviced the defective caliper nevertheless I sent him a receipt of this. He said call me next week. My further call was only to ascertain that he didn’t want to cooperate refunding me of a reasonable amount, he only subliminally proposed $400 if, if and…if!!! At the end he had the courage to say that I didn’t mentioned that my vehicle had only a brakes issues, in-fact they avoided to write the issue on the acceptance form, it was done on purpose obviously. Stay away from this business, they are a criminal gang of incompetent crooks. Their only target is making the customer happy at the first approach, then immediately after you pay and get the keys of your vehicle a text message is repeatedly asking you for a review of their business. The second time they have you there it’s gonna be a bloody loss. The only thing in which they are very organized is to squeeze the customers in any sense, beware of German Car Depot.

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