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Gas Station Reviews in the Destrehan Area

  • KaterinareviewedBig River Food and Fuel

    Very poor service. Used to be nice. We usually go there for gas, coff... read more Very poor service. Used to be nice. We usually go there for gas, coffee, and we also like to visit to get nachos and cheese with jalapenos! However, last week when we went, they no longer had a jar of jalapenos, but just a few individual servings. But today was awful! We went to get nachos and cheese and noticed the place was a mess, very unkempt with dried food stuck on the area. We noticed someone had tried to make nachos and cheese earlier in the day, but left it there incomplete with a little cheese and chili, which was dried up, indicating it had been sitting there for some time. No one bothered to clean it. So we decided to make our own nachos and cheese anyway: We opened the chips, put it in container, and noticed that the chili and cheese dispensers would not work. The casing was ajar so we investigated. It turns out someone had left the old used-up chili and cheese bags in there, it had over heated and the cheese started to burn inside the bag. They also placed new bags of chili and cheese directly on top the old ones, but failed to remove the burned bags or re-connect the nozzles. No wonder the dispensers did not work! So we, the customers, figured out how to work the dispenser: We removed the old bags, opened the new nozzle and had to break the seal on the new bag with our keys so that we could connect the nozzles for the dispensers. The dispensers now worked, and the chili and cheese began to flow again. However, I asked the worker if she had more jalapenos, she said no. Instead of jalapeno jar, they now have Pig Ear jar and a Pig Lip jar. I would like to bring back jalapenos, thank you. Also, we wanted to clean our mess after re-filling the chili and cheese, so we wiped the area, but there were no longer any trash cans to throw the stuff away, so we left it on the counter. I am very disappointed how this store seems to be falling apart and lacking proper worker skills. After all the work we did fixing and cleaning the place, they shoul

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