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Auto Reviews in the Warren Area

  • My 1971 Buick Skylark convertible wouldn't start after sitting through... read more My 1971 Buick Skylark convertible wouldn't start after sitting through the winter months. I asked to have Matt's complete a thorough diagnostic assessment and identify the source of the starting issue. After completing the fully diagnostics, we identified issues with the carburetor. We agreed to replace it and complete other service work. As always, the service was impeccable. Vern ensured that I had a tow service to pick up the vehicle; he performed a national search to find a compatible carb, which caused a couple week delay in the service. All the while, Matt's kept my car in the shop under lock and key, and out of the elements. This again, was going above and beyond. Vern and all the staff were respectful of me, my time, and the unique aspects of the aging classic. Their use of technology to diagnose and communicate with me is invaluable and a time-saver. I wholeheartedly support Matt's Automotive as the premier automotive service organization in the FM area. Thank you all...Kaylin

  • Less than impressed with pretty much every point of contact. My daught... read more Less than impressed with pretty much every point of contact. My daughter brought her vehicle in for a blower motor and resistor replacement on a Thursday by appointment. After hearing nothing all day she was informed that they needed to keep it until Friday. Friday morning she gets a quote that she thought was pretty high so she called me to talk to them. I called an talked to the service writer and was quoted yet another price even higher than they told her. After some discussion I decided I could replace these parts myself for $150 instead of the $475 I was quoted. The service writer was understanding of the fact that it was expensive and proceeded to tell me about all the other things that the vehicle needed like a power steering hose and some tie rod ends that were loose. He then said give me about an hour to button it back up and it will be $84 for the work we have done so far. Seemed kind of high, but I paid the $84 and decided to move on. Up to this point I was just thinking that it is way too expensive to fix vehicles these days and just wanted to get it fixed myself and move on. Here is where my disappointment in Matts comes in. I show up to pick up the vehicle and go home to replace the parts. I get the keys and have to walk out to the back 40 to find it still tore apart with everything laying on the floor. Didn't even take the time to plug the fan connector back in so that I could drive it home and use the defrost to keep the window clear. I could tell when it started that this thing was pulled in late Thursday ripped apart and parked out back at the end of the day. When I called Friday and said I would take care of it myself, and he said give me an hour to button it up, not one more minute was spent on it. So I spent $84 to have them take out 6 screws, pull the connector off the fan and look up the parts, and leave me a mess to put back together that I did not take apart. So down the road a ways I stop and plug in the fan so I can defrost the window and notice that the hood latch is actually popped open as well. Lucky the wind didn't catch it when I was driving and slam it back against the windshield! I get home and replace the Blower motor and resistor and put everything back together and think I should look at the other things they mentioned like the power steering hose. Yes the hose was leaking so I check the oil on the power steering and it is dry. They pointed out the leaking hose and didn't even bother to top off the fluid. Once they found out I didn't want them to complete the job or have them address any of the other issues that they found the customer service stopped. This was a Fail on so many levels its not even funny. Had this thing been buttoned up like he said and maybe even another $5 of fluids added I wouldn't have felt like telling this story. In the end I was just glad to make it home without any more issues and will think twice before heading back to Matt's.

  • Matt's diagnosed an oil leak and water pump leak. they gave me a quot... read more Matt's diagnosed an oil leak and water pump leak. they gave me a quote on repairs on both. Let me decide what I wanted to fix. they were very helpful. I like Matt's because they have a diesel mechanic and when they fix something it is fixed. And they warranty the parts and labor. They also have a courtesy car that will drop you off and pick you up. they like to send quotes e-mail. which is nice but would prefer a call especially when at work.

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