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Boat Reviews in the Gilford Area

  • I took my 92' boat to Irwin Marine of Alton Bay, NH after talking to R... read more I took my 92' boat to Irwin Marine of Alton Bay, NH after talking to Rick. When I arrived Rick was less than kind, to say the least. He seemed bothered by my business. After being told I probably needed new controls (without checking them first) I asked Rick to make sure the controls had the cable length needed to be installed on my boat which, was Ricks concern... Rick responded by saying, "I'm not going down there to measure it when I have mechanics to do that." I asked if he would mind if i took the measurements to which he replied, "I don't trust you but, do what you have to do. I only trust my mechanics." Yes, red flags went up for me but, I had just made 2 trips to drop off a motor and my boat, separately, (over 4 hours of driving)so, even though I couldn't believe the nerve of this guy, I just left and hoped for the best. I got a call a week later saying they couldn't do the job of mounting my motor because the transom was showing signs of rotting. Okay, that I can understand even though I disagree. Here's the kicker: I CAN'T UNDERSTAND why they took my controls off my motor, replaced with controls that do not go to my motor and refused to take responsibility... Irwin Marine is now being sued. STAY AWAY! Rick is extremely unprofessional and offensive and I imagine this type of thing has happened before, thus the law suit. Somebody must take a stand against these crooks! Consider that done and don't waste your time with this joker Rick and Irwin Marine of alton Bay!

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