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Boat Reviews in the Dallas Area

  • I was ready to leave Loyd Park in Grand Prairie and the front air leve... read more I was ready to leave Loyd Park in Grand Prairie and the front air leveling system was leaking air and would not raise the motorhome. Not drivable. So, I called Quality RV repair who I've done business with before, but turn out they don't work on the Freightliner chassis. Seconds later she is giving me Tommy's name and number. I called it but got voicemail. It was getting late in the day. My family had already gone home, so I called and arranged for another night, thinking Tommy probably would not call back. But a short time later Tommy did call. Said he would be out soon. Soon was very soon as it turned out. You don't find service people like Tommy very often. He crawled under the bus and determined the valve needed to be replaced. He called several places and left with the bad valve as one place said the may have one. Turns out no, but Freightliner Dallas did and he put it in will call. I drove to Dallas and picked up the part that night. Tommy met me back at the campsite 7 ish the next morning and fixed it. Apparently this part had been partially bad for a long time. My Motorhome rides better, handles better, is much quitter and sets higher then before. When I park I can tell the volume of air being released is much greater than bofore. Can't say enough good about Tommy. He gave me a very reasonable rate for his labor as well. We need more Tommy's in the world. Ken

  • In late July 2012, my company made reservations with Cottonwood Creek ... read more In late July 2012, my company made reservations with Cottonwood Creek Boat Rental and received the type of service and treatment that demands we take the time to warn others NOT to do business with them.   For our annual summer office party to be attended by approximately 60 people, we reserved a 2012 pontoon boat, in its first season of use, approximately 2 weeks in advance. Less than 48 hours prior to the reservation, the Boat Rental Manager, Ryan Miller called to say that the boat was unusable and he was not sure they could get the needed part or guarantee that they could find anyone to look at the boat by the start of our reservation. Additionally, he stated that they had no similar watercraft to substitute for the reservation. Miller would not guarantee the boat would be repaired, and was unwilling to assist in trying to find another rental for us. He kept repeating, "It's not like we don't want the rental income from this boat being on the water," an indicator that he only cared about the profit, rather than a positive customer experience.   During this conversation, Miller did nothing to assure me that he would do whatever was necessary to ensure that the reservation would be honored, despite the fact that I had 60 people that were expecting a pontoon boat for our party. When I asked for Miller to give me options as compensation for his inability to honor the reservation, he refused to negotiate. Despite my numerous suggestions of ways Cottonwood Creek could help in alleviating the issue that this inconvenience was causing my company, Miller continued to refuse to help in any way, other than stating that he would contact me if the boat was repaired prior to our reservation. Miller's unwillingness to help rectify a negative situation which was caused by Cottonwood Creek was compounded by the fact that such late notice was given regarding the mechanical issue with the rental. This gave my company very little time to find a replacement rental during

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