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Auto Reviews in the Oak Harbor Area

  • Automotive Diagnostic Center, Marysville, WA: I had done business wit... read more Automotive Diagnostic Center, Marysville, WA: I had done business with Mr. Wilbur over a year and ½ (September 2014-May 2016). In that time, I put over $11,000 into his business, including an engine rebuild. I would say I got about 55% good and 45% bad for my money. He has problems with some of his parts (distributor, alternator), and some of his mechanics (leaving parts loose or forgetting to do work, overfilling at oil changes repeatedly, and putting coil wire near engine so as to die on the road). His A/C mechanic misdiagnosed twice at my cost, though Mr. Wilbur promised air blowing "popsicle sticks." Also, once Mr. Wilbur had determined my bill, he has typically refused to change it, no matter how ridiculous the charges are. He comes across as knowledgeable and friendly, until you realize he overcharges, and there are too many recurrent problems from the work done there. He claims higher prices for the supposed quality. Mr. Wilbur refuses to honor one of his warranties. An alternator was installed on 12/2/15 by one of his mechanics. On 12/3/15, a check engine light came on, and it looked like a problem. I called Mr. Wilbur, and he said to bring it in. The check engine light went out by the time I arrived there. Mr. Wilbur seemed happy at this, and did not have his mechanic take a look. Six and ½ months later, Mr. Wilbur’s alternator not only failed, but it also destroyed my PCM (confirmed later by a separate mechanic after Mr. Wilbur's alternator destroyed other new PCMs until the alternator was replaced). I called to Mr. Wilbur since I was stranded out of town with the failed alternator. He did not respond back in almost 2 business days, when I had to call again and take care of it myself. Yet, Mr. Wilbur refuses to reimburse me to this day, and it has cost me an added $1480.72 because I went to his shop. If he would have reimbursed me fairly, I would not have had to write this. I see others have had similar experiences with Mr. Wilbur.

  • JoshuareviewedYourMechanic

    Worked with Noe on my Saturn. He was willing to work around my inconv... read more Worked with Noe on my Saturn. He was willing to work around my inconvenient schedule and was extremely professional and friendly. Noe was very thorough, even after locating the problem he continued to check other parts that could be related to make sure they weren't also damaged. I'll be calling him back for all m mechanic needs. -Joshua M Federal Way, WA

  • SeletireviewedYourMechanic

    Awesome prices, products and SERVICE! I'm not really a car person, and... read more Awesome prices, products and SERVICE! I'm not really a car person, and I unfortunately am at the whim of whatever mechanic I come across. I was looking up quotes for a starter replacement for my Toyota Land Cruiser, and I would need to pull off some Breaking Bad work to afford the service. As I was about to give up and fork over my kids' college funds to repair our vehicle, I came across YourMechanic. Man, I AM SO THANKFUL I DID! Their quote was $300 CHEAPER than the other quotes I received, and their quote is fixed so you won't end up paying some hidden fees. YourMechanic may be a cheaper service, but their work is far from being cheap! You get high quality, exceptional service at bargain prices, and all done at the comfort of your home! The mechanic we received is now our family mechanic (Timothy), and I just scheduled for him to replace some belts and rear brake pads--which by the way was also $250 cheaper than the quotes I received from other mechanics. Love this company! I've been raving about them like I'm a salesperson for them! I highly recommend them and whatever mechanic they send. If he's Timothy, you'll be impressed even more. Sorry. Don't know his last name. LOL -Seleti

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