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Dealership Reviews in the Corona Area

  • They did not put paper mats on the floor of the car or cover the seats... read more They did not put paper mats on the floor of the car or cover the seats. I had oil on the side of my car and on the driver mat. The service rep Jim was rude and this was not the first time. I called and asked for a manager to call me back with no response. Lack of response screams volumes.

  • RobertreviewedAzTex Trailers

    When first purchased, this 8-1/2 x 24 (+4' tongue), 9,990# GVWR enclos... read more When first purchased, this 8-1/2 x 24 (+4' tongue), 9,990# GVWR enclosed car trailer was towed from the lot in CA to north ID. Went back for another load, Az-Tex caulked the space overlooked between the wheel wells and the floor. No charge. Put a piece of house roof L-edging under trim over lip over back door to stop water from roof running around the lip and running inside the ramp door. Have hauled a 1T pickup over 500 miles. Never have had any problem with this trailer. After about 10,000 miles it still has 2 of the original cheapo Chinese tires. As it is a 3x3500# axle it is really hard on the tires if it has to be towed around street corners and driveways very much. But 3 axle rides really smoothly. Cheaply built of mostly Chinese parts and materials. Welds sloppy in areas but none have ever broken. THIN aluminum skin is glued on, no screws or rivets. A couple of sheets were rippled and coming loose. Az-Tex replaced them no charge. The 5,000# floor rings really should be attached better. The screws are too small and self-thread into thin steel welded between floor joists. Main frame is box beams; tongue is channel. Hitch coupler 2-5/16" very good self-latching design. Would never open even if no lock pin was put in. This is a great value in a cheap "good enough" trailer. Doesn't compare with a premium brand like Wells Cargo or U-Haul but cost 1/3 as much! 4 brakes on front & back axles, middle axle no brakes, no brake mounting flanges on the axle. Chinese brakes. Chinese e-z lube hubs. Brakes are strong and will pull both the trailer, the tow vehicle (1T) and 1T PU inside trailer w/o using tow vehicle brakes! Take care on slick roads pulling a heavily loaded trailer with a PU with empty bed. The long WB of the trailer makes it want to go straight. It can drag the back tires of your PU sideways on a sharp turn! When I had it loaded to 9,900# on the axles and 2,000# (ODOT scales) on the hitch I jacked the centers of all of the axles up to bend them to give a little positive camber for better tracking and more even tire wear. Straight axles will sag when heavily loaded, letting the wheels do negative camber (splayed out at the bottom). Lifting with a garage jack from behind also bent the axles back toward the rear of the trailer just a little, giving a little toe-in for better stability. This big trailer when heavily loaded really should have a weight distributing hitch set. Never noticed needing antisway, though. I used an EZ-Lift with 1,000# spring bars. Straight pulling levers weight off the front wheels of your tow vehicle, making skidding more likely especially on slick roads. Maybe OK when pulling an empty trailer but when loaded it really needs the WD hitch.

  • I purchased a 2003 Mini Cooper from Orange Empire on 7-2006. After a c... read more I purchased a 2003 Mini Cooper from Orange Empire on 7-2006. After a couple of months, the car started acting up at 50-55 mph, it hesitated. I took it to a shop and they couldn’t find the problem. If you’re a Mini Cooper owner, you will understand where I’m coming from. Not any shop can diagnose these vehicles. I kept driving the car, but the problem persisted and I took it back to Orange Empire on the 7th month owning this vehicle. They kept the car for 2 days. They took it to Mini dealership to have it checked. When I got it back, the car was magically running fine again. I drove it without problems for almost a year and then the problem came back. I took it to a nearby shop. They stated that the transmission was the problem. Since then, I have goggled and researched a lot of about this problem. Dealers can get away by flushing, changing the oil and resetting the transmission. I called the dealer again and they refused to do anything about. Their favorite phrase is, you bought it “as-is” and suggested that next time I buy an extended warranty on a used vehicle. They sold me a car that had a bad transmission and they know it, they just don’t like to repair used cars they buy for retail. Instead they make them look presentable for purchase and screw buyers over. Check out their BBB complaints, they always have a comeback for every situation. I put in all my savings into this purchase and got ripped off. No one deserves this, no one! I would have NOT purchase 25k vehicle with a bad transmission. No one in their right mind would. We “consumers” trust that vendors will be honest and sell us decent vehicles. This vehicle was not inspected at all and of course I am no mechanic and couldn’t have possibly known that all this needed to be replaced. The car needs a new transmission, front/rear struts, power steering suction and return hose, marker light bulb and the replacement of the upper engine torque mount. I should have had warned others buyers earlier t

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