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Gas Station Reviews in the Murrieta Area

  • WilliamreviewedAMPM

    Juanita the manager is very rude and unprofessional. She tries to run ... read more Juanita the manager is very rude and unprofessional. She tries to run the place with intimidation for example telling me that if I'm sick and try to call off she would drastically cut my hours. Furthermore the day shift employees don't change the food out when it expires they just change the time which is a health violation. Also while working graveyard shift you are not permitted to take any breaks Which is a violation of labor laws. Also they refuse to pay overtime I personally should have about 8 -10 hrs overtime for having to stay 10 15 min after my shift ends. Also a violation of the labor laws. She favors the Mexicans that work there and treat the only two white ppl who have the hardest shifts terribly. She sets expectations so high it's almost impossible to reach and when you do reach her expectations nothing is ever good enough. For example today I had everything done before she came in and what did she say?? She said that the back area was a mess. Confused I went back there and what she was talking about was a little pile of crumbs on the floor. DO NOT WORK FOR THIS GAS STATION IT IS DISGUSTING AND DISCRIMINATORY AND IS RUN ILLEGALLY.

  • JackreviewedAMPM

    To Management: You have a very rude and sexist manager at the am... read more To Management: You have a very rude and sexist manager at the am/pm station at 41240 Kalmia St. Murrieta, Ca. 92562. I spend well over $2000 per year at this station with my three cars. I have bought over 100 car washes with no problems. On two occasions while using the wash the blower turned off before I went through it. The bump at first sometimes causes one to go forward a little too fast trying to get over it and the blower shuts off before drying the car. I complained to the female manager about this and she told me "Too bad I'm not going to do anything about it and you are out your money." Today it happened to the lady in front of me and the lady went inside and got her money back! When I complained again about the sensitive blower turn off, the manager got mad and shaky and said, "If you don't know how to use it, don't use it!" This is very unprofessional behavior for a manger and I would like someone to advise her of rude conduct. I also think should get a free car wash. And, please adjust the sensitive level of the blower or make the bump smaller so one doesn't go too fast after getting over it. Sincerely, Jack

  • DavidreviewedExcaliber Fuels 5

    On 2/13/13 I was at California Oaks, Murrieta CA location. I tried to... read more On 2/13/13 I was at California Oaks, Murrieta CA location. I tried to use my debit card twice at gas pump #12. My card didn't appear to register, so I went inside station store to verify if my debit card info was open at pump station. Manager, Gabby, informed me I needed to prepay inside when using a debit card. I prepaid $30, as I wasn't sure what total amount would be. Gabby assured me I would receive credit on my card for any unused prepaid amount. My gas total was $26.68, so I assumed prepaid difference of $3.32 would be credited back to my card. When checking card charges a few days later, I discovered my debit card had been charged the full $30 prepaid amount. My wife called the Station, and talked to Gabby. She stated Station policy only gave cash refunds . . . never credited back prepaid amounts. My wife stopped by Station to pick up my "Cash" refund for overcharge on 2/22/13. She presented the original receipt to Cashier for refund. Cashier informed my wife that Manager was only one allowed to honor refunds, and she wasn't in that day. It appears strange that someone isn't left in charge when Manager is unavailable. This Station is a TOTAL RIPOFF! I don't live in close proximity to this Station; another auto trip to collect cash refund would exceed cost of refund. It appears this Station's prepaid policy takes advantage of this fact.

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