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Boat Reviews in the Aztec Area

  • Jenniferreviewed505 Performance

    Zach Steele took out boat from the marina to his shop for repairs. Aft... read more Zach Steele took out boat from the marina to his shop for repairs. After weeks of unreturned telephone calls and a 4 hour drive to his shop, we finally got the boat fixed. When we picked up our boat today it was severely damaged on the outside. Further inspection we found that all of our electronics had been ripped out and stolen. All power tools vacuum cleaner, coffee maker, clothing and our shower head and hose. We don't know if this was the work of Zach or his employees but we will be filing civil and criminal charges since Zach refuses to take responsibility for the damages and will not even extend a courtesy of answering his phone. We understand he is moving his business to Flagstaff Arizona so we hope people read this and are forewarned.

  • Brianreviewed505 Performance

    What I submitted to BBB: I initiated a transaction with Zach Steele... read more What I submitted to BBB: I initiated a transaction with Zach Steele @ 505 Performance on October 15, 2013. The purchase originally was to be an engine build only. Upon speaking with him further he said he had another item that had been on his shelf for over a year and he wasn't going to use it. He also shared that he walked out onto the shop floor that morning and told his employees he was going to sell that item (whipple supercharger). I decided I would purchase that from Zach and stated to him that I would be doing this in 2 stages. (1st stage engine, 2nd stage supercharger) He quoted me a price on the brackets he would need to fabricate to adapt the supercharger of $350. I agreed, we proceeded with a transaction for $1,500. He sent me an email with in 24 hours regarding that transaction. As part of the transaction I requested more information on the details of the build to be sent and he agreed. Upon checking my email Zach Steele adjusted the price of the bracket to $400 and included the price of the Supercharger with the Engine. More then a couple weeks went by and no details regarding the build sent. Only an email sent of our financial transaction. I called and spoke with Zach again letting him know about intended payment amount and date to expect it and asked about emailing information. I also brought up the changes I saw him do even though we spoke and I voiced something else different then what he did. I had also sent him an email in-between that time frame with no reply. Upon doing more research on 505 performance and Zach's history of transaction with others. It seems his common practice of business lacks the customer care and courtesy some expect when spending money with a company for products and service. I spoke with Zach on November 22nd, 2013 Letting him know that I have decided to stop all workings on the project with him. According to his website projects deemed as "special" are subject to refund review. One of the products he had on his shelf an

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