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Gas Station Reviews in the Bruceton Area

  • HeatherreviewedJ B Express Mart

    I visit your store just the other day and I found a girl running aroun... read more I visit your store just the other day and I found a girl running around for drive-offs. which is a highly illegal practice if you don't know. Come to find out your company also forces the employee to pay for a drive off. Knowing in fact in 2022 you do not have a pre-pay POS system. In this day and age having a woman run after an unknown stranger that has drove off with stolen gas is not safe nor effective. Millions of dollars could be lost by your company, forcing this woman to run after strangers to get shot, stabbed or hurt. It is highly illegal to dock a person's pay in America as you know. Especially for a company policy that's not actually an actual policy. It's because you're too lazy to put an actual POS system. I am a lawyer and if I come in there tomorrow or the next day or the next day and I find somebody running after a drive off I'm coming after you. I would love to make my millions by taking down your store for abuse.

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