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Boat Reviews in the Columbus Area

  • MatthewreviewedNuwave Marine

    Nu wave marine installed new cylinder heads on my motor which were not... read more Nu wave marine installed new cylinder heads on my motor which were not installed properly from day one. I had to bring the boat back multiple times and apparently it was never was fixed right to begin with. The new cylinder heads that NuWave marine installed where not torqued down correctly. This in turn lead to water going in to the motor, where the pistons created too much pressure. In turn, the bottom end of the motor couldn’t withstand the pressure and the crank broke threw a rod and wiped out the bearings. Prior to the install of the new cylinder heads, there was nothing wrong with the bottom end of the motor. This was all with in one boat ride. Was told no warranty with there work. Also told me that his time was to valuable to take my boat for a test run. So he made the mechanic come on his day off to a boat ramp to see what was wrong cause the motor was over heating. Now with spending 6k on the bill for the job they couldn't even put in a new thermostat had to go to autozone just to see if that was the problem.

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