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  • I have been a customer at Don’s Auto for 15-20 years. On Dec. 15, my c... read more I have been a customer at Don’s Auto for 15-20 years. On Dec. 15, my car had a breakdown which required a multi-day, multi-thousand dollar repair. Don could not complete this huge repair before his shop closed for winter break between Christmas and New Year’s. I considered going to another shop, but a friend had agreed to loan me a car, so I Ieft my car at Don’s while he was closed. I anticipated that it would be first-in-line for service when he opened on Jan. 2. Don’s shop was swamped when he reopened on the 2nd and he chose to service other customers ahead of me. On Jan. 8 I had to return the loaned car and get a rental. I sent an email, Don replied and explained his policy: “In the time that removing, dismantling, assembling and reinstalling this engine requires, we could keep 15-20 other cars on the road.” I replied and literally begged Don to work on my car. Don defended his policy but agreed to start work on my car the next day. I should have left it at that, but in my reply I unfortunately used the words “It’s not right” in reference to his prioritizing other customers ahead of me. Don wrote back that he was reassembling my car and I could pick it up to take it to another shop. I drove the 25 miles into town to speak to Don personally, so he could hear my voice when I said that I wasn’t accusing him of being unethical. (Don is very ethical, but I believe he is wrong about the issue of prioritizing and that he has problems with communication.) I even apologized to Don, not because I thought I was wrong, but because I felt sorry for him seeing the state that he was in. He was locked in his own world and determined to show me that he would not deal with a customer who said that he did things that weren’t right. On Jan. 10, after waiting since before Christmas for Don to work on my car, I had my car towed to another shop. Don did not charge me anything.

  • James reviewedGeorge Cox Automotive

    Our bus fleet was taken to George Cox Automotive in November 2013 one ... read more Our bus fleet was taken to George Cox Automotive in November 2013 one would not start and the other had a hydraulic leak.. it took them until 12-6-13 to get back to us and say that one of the buses would need a part that is 2,800 for the hydraulic leak and made us put down a deposit and the other bus was not worked on yet. During this time our company is Out Of Business we tried to contact COX spoke with David COX, Paul COX and Andrew all giving us the run around they started to look at the other bus and said they don't know how to do it but would require us to pay $900 for that bus while we waited 7-months for the part to come in for the hydraulic leak which we had to call every week to get a update none were given from COX. In June 2014 they finally contacted us to say the hydraulic leak is fixed we sent out drivers to grab the bus and had to pay over $5,000 for the hydraulic leak and $900 and have to tow out our bus and they dismantlement all the wiring so we have it in a yard now completely sabotaged buy Cox! After picking up the hydraulic leak bus is began to leak once again we had to take it back to Cox to a angry little man Paul Cox The son of David Cox who basically told us to take it and use our own smarts that MF!!! Stay Far Away From Cox Automotive !!!!!!!

  • ViareviewedSpeedy Stop

    Pump 5 does not shut down properly and the worker trucks linger around... read more Pump 5 does not shut down properly and the worker trucks linger around waiting to pump gas on someone my card. I had a $126 charge on my card a minute after I left the pump. I saw the men who waited in a beat up 3/4 ton truck. Video should show them at pump number 1 waiting...It happened Sept 5th at 11:05pm. 3 Hispanic men in beat up white truck. I have reported it to the Sheriff and you will see on video this is happening to more people than me

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