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  • *please share this story* Do not go to bautista automotive repair or... read more *please share this story* Do not go to bautista automotive repair or you will be scammed. Yes This sorry excuse for a man that owns this shop ripped off and tried scamming my mom today. It’s really sad he literally had her believing he was gonna fix her car for 125$ Then he not only had her run all over the place getting parts for the car and then he was suppose to fix her car in 2 days and on day 2 came and he told her that he was about to do the job but told her that after changing the seals on the transmission it would probably not work and he was gonna have to charge her 300$ to take it to someone who would fix it for 800$. she changed her mind of fixing it there he told her she would have to pick up the car later that night or tomorrow cuz the car was blocked in and didn’t want to move the cars so she would have to come back later and get it and then and he then tried to scare her into not takin the car because he said the transmission fluid was completely empty cuz he checked it and there was not one drop of fluid in there and she would blow the transmission if she did and she took it anyway and he would not give her the key back until she paid him $30 or $50 because he “Diagnosed the car”, even though he didn’t need to since he knew we took it to have new gaskets installed on the transmission because we thought it had a leak. So he made her pay him just to get the keys and we took it to another location and luckily had it fixed it 5 minutes all that was wrong was it was a quart low on transmission fluid. So not only did he lie about it not having any transmission fluid to scare her to fixing it with him and then making her wait to pick up the car on his own time even though he was on site and then taking money from a senior citizen on a fixed income for not doing a dam thing but being a bad business man and a shitty mechanic and taking advantage of the elderly. And when she told him all this all he said is he has to make money he has a business to run and he did check the fluids but he didn’t even touch the car what so ever. He lied ?? about everything And tried to make her pay for a new transmission when it was just low on transmission fluid, and he refused to give her any money back. Please share this cuz anyone who is this evil of a person does not deserve anyone’s money and he is probably scamming a lot of other people and deserves to be publicly shamed!W

  • Went in to have my brake pads and rotors replaced on all four tires. ... read more Went in to have my brake pads and rotors replaced on all four tires. Mike took off my tires and told me my front pads were still in good shape. So he replaced my rotors and rear brake pads. Saved me some cash.

  • johnreviewedM G Auto Sales

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