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  • KarenreviewedHarlan Automotive

    I had a marvelous experience taking my newly acquired 2002 Chrysler 30... read more I had a marvelous experience taking my newly acquired 2002 Chrysler 300M, christened "Katie," to Harlan Automotive. Since the dealership where I purchased Katie could not tell me if or when she had ever had transmission service I took her there to have that done. I was able to make the appointment online which was very convenient, and when I arrived there the friendly attendant presented me with a cute little computer to complete more information. The wait time in their comfortable lounge was much shorter than I had anticipated. They not only completed Katie's transmission service but they also went over her very thoroughly checking out all of her other systems as well free of charge. When they were finished with her I was given a checklist of everything they had checked out from bumper to bumper most of which was in great shape including letting me know that she had new brakes installed shortly before I bought her which was great to know. There were only 3 things, none of which were critical, that the list indicated would need attention in the near future. Harlan Automotive cares very much about helping me maintain my Katie so she will last longer. I have had follow-up e-mails from them to be sure I was happy. They have also given me the website address where I can see the history of Katie's care with them. That is just like having medical records for your family member. It is a very family oriented business, and they treat their customers and vehicles like extended family. I'm thrilled to have them as a skilled and reliable resource for Katie's continued care. Karen L Haws-Dearing

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