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Boat Reviews in the Belton Area

  • If you want to abandon your boat for weeks on end, not knowing what is... read more If you want to abandon your boat for weeks on end, not knowing what is going on or why things are taking twice the time you were told then this is the place for you! We were led to believe our boat would be done in a few days and when almost two weeks had passed and the boat had still not even been brought in off the yard we became concerned. But continually every time we called they would promise to look at the boat the next day. Finally after almost 2 weeks (for what we later found out was a 2 hour repair) I decided to go in to have a face to face talk with them myself. That was a bad idea. Before I even got a word out to the manager, he began yelling at me and eventually cursing at me. He was very angry that we had called three times (mind you we had been told our boat would be done in less than 5 days and they had had the boat almost two weeks). He continually told me he didn’t need my business and that currently his mechanic was working on a $10,000 job and that that obviously took precedence over a $250 job for them. From my experience I would say their motto should be “REGARDLESS of who came in first your boat will be pushed aside for what will make this company the most money.” After asking why no one had ever called me or apologized for the delay he proceeded to tell me that I should take my boat elsewhere because he had 50 boats sitting on his lot currently. Obviously we took our boat elsewhere. This place has the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my entire life. There are plenty of boat repair shops around here, don’t waste your time on this place. After talking to others about them, it’s my opinion that they will underestimate the repair just to get you to drop your boat off. Whatever time frame they tell you…double that. I may not understand the logistics in repairing a boat but I fully understand terrible customer service and this place wins hands down.

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